EF Member JoAnn Laing a National Leader in Robotics and AI

Robots and AI are already in our homes and offices, they are disrupting every aspect of work and redefining productivity.  EF member JoAnn Laing is an acknowledged leader in the field and makes great information available in social media.  Robotics is hitting every part of our daily lives and in most industries. In addition to technology, manufacturing and defense, industry sectors being affected include:

Agriculture, Business Services, Consumer Products and Retail, Financial Services, Healthcare, Real Estate, Transportation and Warehousing, and others.

With the robotics and AI industry growing at 38% per year, future work will be shifted …by 2025 there will be 58 million net new jobs created.  Would you like to know more about robotics and AI?  Would you like to learn how robotics and AI is affecting your industry sector(s)?  Would you like to speak knowledgeably on robotics and AI for your next interview or client pitch?

JoAnn’s insight can be found on Twitter and The National Robotics Education Foundation website.