Our Difference

Continuous learning is at our core. Expert members drive deep engagement on topics from Data & Analytics to Brand & Trends to Private Equity with curated programming, rich content, and provocative conversation. Our own angel investing group, EF Angels, is known for sourcing high-quality seed-level startups for our members to learn from, mentor, and invest in.  

Experience meets entrepreneur:  Our on-trend Independent Career Track (ICT) group provides fractional consulting, SaaS-based solutions, tech-enabled services, and many other agile and innovative offerings to clients. EF members are never more than a click away from trusted, expert colleagues who can fill most any business need. 

What’s next?  We support members in job transition with robust networking, discernment processes for career shifts, and vast search resources. The true power of Executive Forum comes alive as our entire community supports a member in landing their next perfect-fit role at a company, in their own business, or leading a non-profit.